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November is Here

By Joseph Schany - | Nov 3, 2020

November is underway and the thought of making it to the penultimate month of the year just eight short months ago seemed like a fantasy. With the COVID outbreak and the onslaught of terrible that came with it, it was hard to see an end to 2020. But that end is just around the corner, and the signposts read loud and clear:

Today is Election Day and I, for one, am incredibly happy for the 2020 election season to be over, regardless of the outcome. The line that has been drawn in the sand across these United States has become unbearable, and for months now I have watched as seemingly rational, and some notably irrational, people attack each other with such vitriol and disregard I can’t help but be concerned for the future of our country as a whole or for its people as a member of its society.

Arguments and debates no longer seem rooted in civility and factual statements are superseded by the loudest opinions. It often feels like intelligence is no longer a prerequisite for intelligent conversation.

While I am well aware these problems will probably not end with Election Day as they go much deeper than just politics, I am hopeful the growing divide among us will hit some sort of breaking point in the near future and we can all bring back a little of the humanity to being human.

Fall sports concluded in Palo Alto County last week with the losses of Emmetsburg volleyball in the Class 2A Regional Championship on Wednesday and football in the third round of state playoffs on Friday, along with the completion of the state cross country meet on Saturday.

Covering high school sports, and football in particular, presents the unique opportunity to stand amongst the young athletes on the sidelines and feel firsthand both the excitement of the hard-fought victories and the pains of those even harder-fought losses. I get to hear the coaches offer guidance, the athletes provide encouragement and motivation, and the parents and fans give their support. In all of those instances, the level of sportsmanship on display has elevated not only the kids, but our county as a whole.

I would like to commend ALL of our student athletes for their first class behavior this season in the face of so many challenges.

The Christmas aisles have gone up at retailers nationwide (hooray?) and that can only mean one thing – Thanksgiving is almost here.

It’s time to recognize those things we are all thankful for in 2020, as few or as plenty as they may be, and celebrate with our loved ones (or at least the ones we tolerate!).

One thing we can all be thankful for this year? 2020 will only happen once.