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Vote Smart – Fact Check

By Staff | Oct 14, 2020

To the Editor:

I read in the paper a plea to vote for Donald Trump because he is Pro-Life. I challenge each and every voter to look at the full spectrum of life-altering issues that will need to be handled by our next president and to fact-check any candidate for whom you intend to vote.

The following is a link to the first presidential debate: https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=yW8nIA33-zY. There are numerous websites that fact-checked previous speeches and statements of major candidates, and the presidential debate. Here is just one of the many available: https://www.fact check.org/.

I find President Trump’s threat of possible violence if he loses the election appalling. His behavior at the first debate was an embarrassment. His statement that a vaccine is almost ready is misleading at best as the very labs doing the work say that it will be mid-2021 at the earliest before any FDA-approved drug is ready for distribution. His attacks on basic services needed daily by all of us like the Affordable Care Act, Social Security, and the US Postal Service, without offering viable replacement plans; his ‘cheaper’ health plans that skimp on benefits such as maternity and prescription drug coverage and do not guarantee coverage of preexisting conditions; his grossly misleading information, lack of pre-emptive action, and denial concerning the COVID-19 pandemic all show poor leadership.

President Trump tested positive for COVID-19 and, thankfully, has had no serious problems with it. However, having had a mild case himself, in blatant disregard of recommended containment protocol for the safety of others, he has traveled freely, ignoring the quarantine and exposing countless others to the virus. He may have had a mild case but that doesn’t mean the elderly or those with underlying health conditions around him will be as lucky. Worse, he has set an example for his followers to be equally careless of others’ health. If he chooses to expose himself to the virus, that’s his business, but exposing others without a thought for their safety and encouraging his supporters to do the same is unconscionable.

In a video message posted on Twitter, the president said, “One thing that’s for certain: don’t let it dominate you. Don’t be afraid of it. You’re going to beat it. We have the best medical equipment, we have the best medicines, all developed recently.”

Tell that to the friends and families left behind to grieve for the 210,000+ people in the US who have died so far. Most of us don’t have access to helicopters, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, or the superior medical care that is the privilege of our US presidents. Right now, all we have to protect us are the containment measures to which he’s turned a blind eye.

According to the vast majority of fact-checkers, President Trump is not truthful. He’s lied, spread misleading information, taken credit for others’ work, and failed to keep promises so many times that he has lost all veracity for me.

Respectfully Submitted,

(signed) Diane Johnson

Emmetsburg, IA