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Reader Endorses Presidential Candidate

By Staff | Oct 1, 2020

Editor’s Note — John K. Kenyon’s letter is continued from Tuesday’s issue of The Reporter:

If you can’t stand President Trump or don’t like his tweets, then at least look at what his administration has accomplished: Defunded Planned Parenthood (whose main source of income is derived from abortions) and sending the money to clinics who provide health care for women, but not abortions; signed an executive order that babies who survive an abortion should be given medical treatment versus letting them die; beefed up the department that defends religious freedoms; appointed former Governor Brownback to head a department that defends religious freedom around the world with 23 other countries; has made it easier for terminally ill patients to use experimental drugs if they choose; better trade deals and the best economy in years that actually closed the gap between the rich and the poor; took decisive action to stop drugs from coming into our country, held Communist (yes, Communist) China accountable; made us energy inde- pendent; took out a few terrorists and coordinated a Middle East deal helping to bring an end to endless wars; made prompt medical care available to our veterans.

Under President Trump’s authorization, the U.S. Marshals and local police departments rescued approxi- mately 30 kids in Georgia and 20 in Ohio from sex slave traffickers. He has granted millions of dollars to continue the fight against human trafficking (imagine if it was your daughter or granddaughter).

You get the idea – they have accomplished a lot.

If you have to, just hold your nose and vote for the Republicans. Do it for the unborn babies and for all stages of life.

(signed) John K. Kenyon

Mallard resident