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Theresa Greenfield is Ignoring Palo Alto County and Rural Counties Across the State

By Staff | Sep 29, 2020

To the Editor:

As elected officials, we can only properly serve Iowans by meeting with our constituents as much as possible and hearing from them directly so we can take their fight to the statehouse or to Washington, D.C. Senator Joni Ernst just completed her 99 County Tour for this year. She is committed to hearing from folks from every corner of the state, like Palo Alto County.

The comparison from her opponent is pitiful. Theresa Greenfield has never been to over 40 of Iowa’s counties, most of which are in rural Iowa. For one, Greenfield has failed to campaign in Palo Alto County.

This isn’t a new issue. We have been critical in the past of Greenfield ignoring rural Iowa after she failed to show up for the candidate forum in Spencer. And while partisan hacks have tried to use our words to attack other Republican candidates for not making every single forum, there is no equivalence. Greenfield cited a “busy schedule” for why she couldn’t attend the Spencer debate, when the fact is she currently holds no office, her kids are grown and out of the house, she left her job to focus solely on her campaign, and she’s barely attending or holding any campaign events. Yet she couldn’t find it in her schedule to make the first debate of the general election? The fact is Republican candidates are showing up – on your doorsteps, at your events, and in your communities, and Democrats, particularly Greenfield, are hiding out.

Greenfield resides in the Country Club Knolls neighborhood in Des Moines, one of the wealthiest zip codes in Iowa. In order for her to understand the concerns and needs of a county like Palo Alto she needs to show up here, see things for herself, and hear from folks directly.

Senator Ernst shows up, hears directly from Palo Alto County residents, and fights for our shared values–for life, the Second Amendment, lowering taxes, supporting Iowa agriculture, and supporting veterans and law enforcement.

Greenfield is beholden to the Democrats in Washington, D.C., spending millions to get her elected. These are the same Democrats who are pushing radical environmental policies that would hurt our rural economy, radical abortion agendas to legalize taxpayer funded abortions, and more.

We need a relentless fighter for rural Iowa in the Senate. Greenfield’s decision to ignore rural Iowa illustrates that she’ll continue her pattern of empty rhetoric and dishonesty.

Zach Whiting, State Senator

Megan Jones, State Representative