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Fair Food

By Staff | Aug 25, 2020

It may be the time of day – or it may be the time of year – when thoughts turn to food. Today, thoughts of “fair food” come to mind.

The show-and-go Palo Alto County Fair has come and gone. There was no food at the fairgrounds this year and we missed the nightly barbecues and the homemade pies.

Double M, downtown, offers fair food every now and then. You can catch which days on Facebook or watch their sign that is on the sidewalk in front of their building.

There are drive-thru nights at the Clay County fairgrounds, offering drive up and take away some fair food. These are offerings of hot dogs, burgers, fries, and cookies.

The one coming up next Tuesday features a roast beef sundae. Wrap your mind around that one.

Recently, we received a news release from the Iowa Beef Industry Council announcing a Hot Beef Sundae Virtual Cooking Contest. The entry date has passed, but the idea is still intriguing.

“Like many Iowans, the postponing of the 2020 Iowa State Fair left our taste buds yearning for a bite of our favorite fair foods, and at the top of that list is the Hot Beef Sundae. Iowa’s beef producers couldn’t go an entire year without celebrating this delicious bowl of down-home traditional comfort food,” wrote Kylie Peterson, Director of Marketing and Communication, Iowa Beef Industry Council. And so, the contest was born.

The Cattlemen’s Beef Quarters and Iowa Beef Industry Council teamed up to host a Hot Beef Sundae Virtual Cooking Contest for all ages. The dish must be prepared using 100% real beef. Any cut of beef or combination of ingredients may be included.

The most creative Hot Beef Sundae was judged based on appearance (color, eye appeal, the appealing appearance of beef, attractive garnish and final plated presentation) and creativity (originality, innovation and uniqueness).

Winners in each age category (youth and adult) are being announced this week.

When you think of a hot beef sundae, do you think along the lines of hot beef sandwich – in a bowl? We have some mighty fine restaurants in?Palo Alto County that serve up great hot beef dishes – but, they’re not all dressed up like a sundae in a bowl.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying a hot beef sundae wouldn’t taste good. No doubt it would be terrific. Just don’t put a maraschino cherry on top!