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Wearing Masks: A Public Health Issue

By Staff | Aug 14, 2020

To the Editor:

I appreciated Joseph Schany’s article From The News Room regarding his recent encounter with wearing a mask in public (“Mask Hysteria.” The Reporter, 4 Aug. 2020, p. 4).

I have experienced the same disdain from others when I’ve been in public in a mask. Here is what I’d like to share.

Following the CDC guidelines is NOT a political issue; it’s a public health issue. I wear a mask in respect for those around me. When I see those, especially those even older than I, choosing to not mask up, it translates to me a disregard for my health and those around me.

We are lucky to be in a somewhat isolated area, in that we don’t have the high population as major cities. That does not mean we are immune, or safe, from this virus. Do your research. Read about it. DO NOT fall prey to political opinions when you have expert information available.

You, or someone close to you, could be the first on a ventilator at PACHS. Covid 19 does not care for whom you vote or support.

Mask Up!

(signed) Nancy Needham Janssen

Emmetsburg, IA