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Back to School During COVID-19

By Staff | Aug 14, 2020

Palo Alto County schools will be reopening in the coming weeks, and each school district is offering options to return to learn safely in a time of COVID-19.

School administration and staff spent countless hours since mid-March determining the most effective ways to bring students and teachers back into the classroom, piecing together plans from an onslaught of complex recommendations and requirements provided by health officials, the Iowa Department of Education, and Governor Kim Reynolds/Iowa legislators.

The Emmetsburg Community School District (ECSD) recently unveiled their reopening plan. The plan consists of countless details describing what school will look like in the coming months. While I provided some of that information on pages 1 and 2, plenty more is available at the school’s website at www.e-hawks.org.

Following are a few key Frequently Asked Questions I wasn’t able to include on the aforementioned pages:

What will Remote Learning look like?

For parents who choose for their child to learn at home remotely:

ECSD will provide an internet capable device to all students.

Google Classroom will be used as the Learning Management System in grades 3-12. Seesaw will be the Learning Management System for grades PK-2.

All students will access classroom curriculum, resources, and turn in assignments through their Learning Management System.

Classroom teacher will post a video of the lesson being taught each day for students to be able to view online.

Students in grades 3-5 can communicate with their teacher and peers through Google Classroom.

What about Physical Education?

P.E. instructors will concentrate on activities that do not require the use of locker rooms during the initial month of school.

P.E. instructors will utilize gym space and outdoor space to maximize social distancing.

P.E. instructors will utilize outdoor spaces when possible to maximize social distancing and air movement.

Will there be Band or Chorus?

ECSD will utilize the recommendations from the appropriate music professional organizations when implementing Band and/or Chorus learning experiences.

Visit www.e-hawks.org for the full list of FAQ’s and other important details pertaining to the ECSD reopening.