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Shopping Local Means Quality Service

By Staff | Mar 23, 2020

To the Editor,

I have always been supportive of our Emmetsburg merchants and preferred to shop at home. Today, I had an experience that definitely proved that point.

I was looking for an upholstery item and went to Swanson Hardware. A clerk assisted me for some time but to no avail so contacted another clerk and he too was unable to find it and he too spent a long time looking. He then called their store in another town and they had it and I was told it would be in Emmetsburg the next morning.

This item was under $10 but that did not matter; they wanted to help me.

Please remember to SHOP AT HOME where merchants want to serve us in every way. We are so fortunate to have people who care.

(signed) Bev Schneider

Cylinder, IA