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The First Three Months

By Staff | Feb 17, 2020

It has been three-months since I brought my beloved Husky puppy, Balto, home from the vet. I wrote about him in November when I got him. I talked about the four-month-old puppy that did not impress the older Chihuahua, while Tucker the Maltipoo tried showing him who was boss, and my cat, Boot, who stayed mad for two weeks after I brought him home. I wanted to share the trials and tribulations of the last three months with all of you. When I look back it’s hard not to laugh.

I’ve read just about everything I can about Huskies and training them. The main thing I have taken away from it all is Huskies are very intelligent, headstrong, have an over abundance of energy, and get bored easily. Huskies are as close to wolves as a dog can get. Huskies are not a wolf cross, but they have a wild instinct to chase anything that moves just like a natural predator in the wild would including a cat, a Maltipoo, and an old Chihuahua.

First thing I had to establish is that I am the boss. A person might think this would be easily done, not with Balto. I still have to show him I am the alpha, but he’s like a toddler, he forgets A LOT!

Balto is very intelligent. I have a lazy susan cupboard, one of those you can push open with your knee. Balto watched me open that cupboard once and the next day he proved he could open it with his head. He at least had a good breakfast of Special-K.

Balto has a favorite snack, which he gets when he is good. some days he only gets one or two, but he loves baby carrots. I’ve never seen a dog that will eat a carrot over a dog treat but if Balto can choose, it’s a carrot any day.

Pig ears are another favorite. He’s teething like a toddler does and I am sure it hurts. I have an issue when the teething item becomes my recliner. Yes, my recliner. When I saw it, I was like “What is this?” Balto looked at me and was so proud.

Finally, and then I will quit talking about him, Balto has those times everyday that I equate to a baby being colicky. His attention span is short and he is the biggest bully to everyone really. It got so bad a couple of weeks ago he spent more time in timeout than he did with the family.

Everyone told me to get him fixed and it will mellow him out. It was either that or an exorcism. I opted for taking him to the vet, which as most of you can guess did not make him very happy. Well, needless to say, Balto still needs an exorcism at times. His trip to the vet did absolutely nothing to slow him down.

He was jumping and chasing anything when he got home. You could not have guessed that he had surgery two days before.

Well even though I swear he is possessed half of the time and has eaten fabric off of a chair, I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. He’s my best friend.