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Seven Ways to Practice Positivity and Optimism Everyday

By Staff | Jan 3, 2020

This is Part One of a Two Part Editorial.

Today, the benefits of positive thinking have been well established by researchers, doctors, psychologists, and anyone else dealing with human health and wellness. Positive thinking helps us to lead healthier, more productive, and ultimately happier lives. Yet for many, it is hard to practice optimism on a regular basis. As Dr. Martin Seligman has said, “Reliving the states that make life miserable, has made building the states that make life worth living less of a priority.”

At one time, I was one of those people who focused on the things and periods in my life that I was the saddest or unhappiest, which unfortunately has encompassed a large part of my adult life. Since the first real tragedy I remember is when my father passed in 1980 when I was 15 years old and I lived with negative thoughts for almost 30 years.

One day I just decided I was tired of being negative about everything and it wasn’t healthy. It’s amazing what a person can find on the Internet with just a few simple words I began to research positive thinking and have come up with seven simple things a person can do to stay on the right path:

1. Guide your Energy: through quantum physics, it has been discovered that our thoughts have a frequency and a corresponding unique vibration that attracts similar frequencies into our lives. Basically, negative thinking attracts negative energy and positive thinking attracts positive energy. So going into a situation, we need to be positive and not negative to come out with a positive result.

2. Connect with Ourselves: We all know that life is an ongoing process of changes, which are encouraged by interlinking qualities of curiosity, purpose, and courage. We can go into situations with confidence when we know ourselves. The better we understand the nature of ourselves, the better we can move within ourselves.

3. Practice Visualization: Visualization is one of the many attributes that assure one’s future. Our minds have an enormous capacity to connect the invisible dots that guide us to strive for the seemingly impossible.

4. Slow Down To Move Forward: Slowing down is a deliberate choice that can lead to greater appreciation for life and a greater level of happiness, which yields better results in one’s endeavors.

These things might seem simple; yet, if you are anything like me, negative thinking is hard to overcome.

Part Two will be in the Thursday, Jan. 2, Democrat.