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Keep Emmetsburg Beautiful

By Staff | Aug 16, 2019

Emmetsburg is getting a sidewalk facelift. An observation from Mayor Myrna Heddinger: “this is a precision working team.”

The mayor noted at the recent City Council meeting that the sidewalk project is moving right along. She also pointed out that the construction team is being very cooperative with the residents where new sidewalk is being installed.

How fortunate this community is to get new ADA sidewalks installed, courtesy of the Iowa Department of Transportation. We need to keep reminding ourselves that this is a $2.4 million state funded project!

Of course we miss seeing the pots of pink petunias downtown this summer. That will come back in the future and it will look spectacular on new sidewalks.

It is always a thrill to see residents (young and older) out and about pulling weeds, picking up trash and keeping Emmetsburg looking beautiful.

Summer can take a toll on the highways and byways when it comes to litter. We haven’t seen many plastic bag “kites” in trees lately. They can easily be spotted along the roadside and along the lake shore. And (my biggest concern) plastic bags at the tree dump north of town. We rely on that site to dispose of our tree branches, leaves and yard waste. It would be a shame if it was shut down because plastic bags are being dumped there. Agree?

Last Spring a number of students participated in a clean-up day with city residents.?It sure would be nice if that happened again this Fall and continue twice yearly on an annual basis.

I read an article that?Keep Iowa Beautiful has received a grant from ITC?Midwest to encourage student volunteerism for community service throughout Iowa. What a great idea.

What if – every time you walk outdoors at your home and every time you walk out of your business – you bend over and pick up a piece of trash or pull a weed. In no time at all, and with very little effort, we could all take part to Keep Emmetsburg Beautiful!

Let that be your challenge and see for yourself that you can make a difference.