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A Happy Work Place

By Staff | Jul 26, 2019

The mood-altering power of nature can help you succeed at work.

That’s what columnist Brian Krenke tells us. He says office workers are virtually chained to their desks. Only one in four spends more than an hour outdoors each day. That’s not healthy, he says.

We agree with that assessment. We also live in a rural community where we can walk to our neighbors, we can walk from our parking spot to work (not inside a parking ramp) and we can walk to the grocery store if we want. Many of us enjoy lunch by the shores of Five Island Lake. The majority of us spend a whole lot more time outdoors than one hour a day.

One of the studies cited in the column found that even a 5-minute walk outside can boost mood and self-esteem. He adds that greenery can be an effective medicine. One study finds that a 90-minute stroll through nature decreased negative thinking more than a walk for the same amount of time in a city.

“Harnessing the mood-altering power of nature at the office is one way for employers to ensure their workers are in the right state of mind and performing their best,” writes Brian. He then promotes working in outdoor spaces like outdoor patios, small gardens, and at picnic tables with umbrellas.

He acknowledges that managers cannot let their teammates spend their work days wandering around outside.

Little does he know, working for a twice-weekly community newspaper gives us a great deal of latitude. We spend quite a bit of time outdoors. With camera in hand, we head out the door to find other people who are outdoors enjoying the day. Even if our assignment takes us indoors, we aren’t chained to our desks for an entire day.?How much better can it get?

So here’s your assignment for the week, readers. Get up and get outdoors. We are study people who can withstand the heat and humidity. Take a hike to the shores of Five Island Lake and put your toes in the water. Emmetsburg has a fantastic trail system. Get on your bike, or just take a hike, and enjoy the countryside. As Brian the columnist says, you will have more energy and be in a better mood. Happy energetic people are more productive and they are healthier in the long run..

And, yes, I like the idea of working in an outdoor setting.?If only we had the software on my laptop. We’ll have to work on that…