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Winter Survival Kit for the Car

By Staff | Nov 27, 2018

As we get closer and closer to winter months and snow storms, it is time to consider winter survival kits for your vehicle. If you happen to get stranded in your car, do you have the supplies to stay alive? Granted, most motorists might only spend an hour or two stranded or stuck in a ditch; but if there’s a snow storm and it’s impossible for anyone to get to you for four, six, eight hours or longer, it’s important that you have items you need to survive.

If you have lived in Iowa long, you know that the weather is unpredictible. I myself have been stranded for two days in a blizzard at the end of last April.

The weather was warm when we left the house that evening with no coats, hats or gloves and by midnight it was a full fledged blizzard. A survival kit came in very handy that night.

A winter survival kit for your car is simple to assemble and most of the items you probably already have at home. I compiled the following list of items that makes the most sense. I compiled this list from several websites. Most of the following are common household items:

1. A shovel, in case you need to dig yourself out of the snow;

2. A windshield scraper to scrape your windows in case you are forced to wait for help;

3. A tow rope in case someone with a four wheel drive comes along to pull you out;

4. A gas can in case you run out of gas;

5. Jumper cables;

6. Cat litter for traction;

7. Emergency flares;

8. Extra clothes and boots, including gloves, hats and a hand warmer;

9. Wool blanket or sleeing bags;

10. Flashlight/headlamp with spare batteries;

11. Battery-powered radio;

12. Water for at least two days;

13. Snack food for at least two days–jerky, trail mix, snack bars, powerbars;

14. Matches or lighter. I can never decide on this one because no one ever says put a coffee can with sand and a candle in your car. I still have these thing in my trunk. I can always melt snow to drink and warm my hand over the flame of the fire. Be sure to crack a window though;

15. First aid kit–something beyond the basics in case you need to stop bleeding;

16. A two-day supply of daily medications;

17. Something to entertain yourself with–a book, deck of cards, etc. I would have never thought of this but I can see where it would come in handy;

18. A folding knife;

19. A cell phone charger. If you are stranded but your car still runs, keep your cell phone charged. You can talk to emergency personnel and family to let them know where you are and that you are okay.