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Health Impacts of Industrial Wind

By Staff | May 19, 2018

While I agree with Mr. Nixon that landowners have a right to use their land most any way they see fit, that right does not extend over your property line. If you are asking neighbors to put up with negative impact of your choices then we have a problem. According to Invenergy only 24 homes out of 268 in the proposed project area have signed contracts with the company but will still receive the negative impacts.

The health impacts of wind turbines is not a resolved issue. Plenty of medical doctors and experts such as Dr. Sarah Laurie, Dr. Nina Piermont, Dr. Robert McMurty and Dr. Michael Nissenbaum are some of the top experts in the world regarding the negative health impacts of industrial wind turbines. The wind companies love to disparage them. In Clay County the wind company gave the Supervisors 35 pages of slanderous material on wind experts even though 4 years ago those experts hired an attorney and issued a cease and desist order against this list. Many public health officials and wind company executives wrote apologies and retractions regarding this perpetuated slander.

These experts put their excellent reputations on the line for this highly controversial subject. Experts who have been studying this subject for years all over the globe. Of course if the industry insists that there really are no negative impacts I challenge them to take “noise, vibration, wake and turbulence” out of their contracts they offer to the neighbors. Why are those words in there if the turbines don’t have an impact? Companies could also offer a property value guarantee. I have one that Invenergy offered to another community for a gas plant they built. Why not for an industrial wind installation?

Last year Australia’s Administrative Appeals Tribunal declared wind turbine sound a “noise annoyance” and the infrasound generated from turbines a “plausible pathway to disease”. These determinations were made by a senior Federal Court judge and the most up to date medical and scientific inquiry.

I am sure that the local Doctor that spoke at the VFW and who has signed a wind contract would be very concerned about this. He may want to check the Waubra Foundation for research that is being done on this subject all over the world rather than just relying on the opinion of the wind company.

Janna Swanson

Coalition for Rural Property Rights

Ayrshire, IA