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Taking A Breath

By Staff | May 3, 2018

It’s been an interesting month, to say the least, for this journalist.

I would suppost this is the part where you get caught up on the happenings, in case you missed the last episode, like they do on television.

It was a month ago that I assumed the editorship of The Democrat and The Reporter from Anna Veltri, and in these past few weeks, life has been a whirlwind, with a couple of snowstorms tossed in for good measure.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit, right up front, that this task is daunting and a challenge. I’ve been in the industry for 30 years, roughly, filling about every role in the newspaper industry – I delivered papers, transported them from the printing plants, addressed them, delivered them to post offices, placed them in vendor racks, worked in the photo darkroom developing film, printing photos, taking photos, going to ball games and meetings, writing stories, laying out pages and now, drawing on all the things I’ve seen, done and hopefully learned over those 30 years , to try and create an informative journal of our community and area twice a week.

Along the way, I’ve gotten a great reminder of how being organized is so crucial to pull everything together. However, if you look at my desk, the organizational skills, weeelllllll, that’s a work in progress. I’ve gotten things down to specific piles and I’ve got a pretty good idea of what pile has what week’s worth of material in it!

Time management has been an exercise in learning too,; trying to juggle the various aspects of gathering the news, getting photos and then also trying to cover sports in a spring sports season that was basically non-existant until this past 10 days or so. Now, our area sports teams are rushing towards the completion of their Spring seasons and the crack of the bat is already heard in practices for baseball and softball players, when just two weeks ago, we had a foot of snow on the ground!

It almost seems surreal – but hey, it’s Iowa!

So, now, a month into this new adventure, I have to honestly say that the learning doesn’t stop. It seems as if I’m finding something new every day that I should know, and maybe forgot somewhere down the line, but we never stop learning – at least that’s the popular line of thought.

But most importantly, I’ve heard such kind and positive comments from so many of you as our paths has crossed, and I want to thank each and every one of you for your kind words of support. They are priceless gifts that one can never really put a value on.

But, it’s time to get back with the business at hand, producting another edition of your community newspapers!