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No Ill Effects

By Staff | Apr 26, 2018

Dear Editor,

A recent letter to the editor alleged all sorts of ill effects caused by wind towers. Scientific evidence does not support those claims. I respect her right to an opinion but respectfully disagree.

Folks who read that letter claiming wind towers could make you sick…will want to know a local health care professional has already put that to rest. I attended the meeting when the highly respected medical doctor spoke publicly at a public meeting (VFW) in Emmetsburg at the time the Supervisors were completing the process to vote in favor of the ordinance to construct a wind field in Palo Alto County on private land approved by private landowners at their discretion.

The highly respected well known medical doctor stated that there are no ill health effects caused by wind towers. I’ll take the medical doctors word for it. It’s the landowners rights to choose what they want to put on their own land.


(signed) David E. Nixon