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“Friends” Emmetsburg Style

By Staff | Apr 12, 2018

I have officially been gone from the paper for a little over a week, and I already feel so out of the loop as to what has been going on in town! Reading the paper is not nearly the same as experiencing events and talking to actual people involved in projects around the community. I was very excited, though, to see Jacob Neff’s photo in last week’s Democrat.

It is incredibly hard to make friends as an adult. As a child, you’re forced into a classroom with other children the same age, and it’s easy to pick up a conversation. But as an adult, it can be difficult to find people that you want to socialize with (or that want to socialize with you) on a weekly basis. Adults are busy with work and family commitments.

When we first moved to Emmetsburg, I knew almost no one in the community (apart from my in-laws). Joe and I stayed in every night and watched Netflix and fell into a boring routine. I had two good friends in town (both of whom moved away) and a couple of friends out of town, but they understandably didn’t want to drive from Spirit Lake to Emmetsburg on a regular basis. While I absolutely adore spending time with my husband, a girl needs some girl-friends.

Last summer in August, Joe and I heard about Emmetsburg Main Street Community Theatre’s production of “Lend Me A Tenor.” While I had never participated in theatre, and Joe had some experience with Improv, we decided to try out.

“Lend Me A Tenor” was a small cast of eight: Jamie and Jacob Neff, Peggy Stolley, Linda Jones, Chris Meyers, Jim Von Dolteren, Joe and me. On the first day of rehearsal, I was terrified. Not only was I out of my element, but I did not know anybody but Joe.

As we rehearsed more and more, I got to know everyone in the cast. I began to loosen up and really let me personality come through. Rehearsal was a lot of hard work and there were many nights that I came home frustrated with myself (I was also delightfully battling morning sickness at the time). When performance weekends came, I saw why people do theatre. I don’t know if I had ever had more fun not only on stage, but off stage as well.

Joe and I made the decision back in January to do “Young Frankenstein.” The show is a musical version of the beloved Mel Brooks movie. While I’m not much of a singer or dance (in fact in this one, I’m more of a prop) it has still been an incredible experience. The cast of “Young Frankenstein” is much larger than “Lend Me A Tenor” which has given us the opportunity to meet even more people. Not only that, but going to shows has been a wonderful reprieve from the boredom of being at home all day. Everyone in the cast has been so caring and kind regarding medical issues that have caused me to sit out rehearsals and have encouraged me to take it a little easier than everyone else. They truly have become my second family.

I say all of this for two reasons- Main Street is always looking for new (or old) talent. I encourage everyone to give theatre a try. It is a wonderful place to find your confidence and friends that are endlessly encouraging. The other reason- I think that it is wonderful to support the arts, and I ask that everyone in the community supports the theatre whether it’s by attending a show, helping with a clean up day, or donating money to keep the theatre up and running. Thank you to everyone who has given and participated in the past!