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What Is Not In The News

By Staff | Apr 5, 2018

To the Editor:

There has been misinformation about the proposed wind installation in Palo Alto County going around. The court case against MidAmerican Energy and Invenergy has been dismissed, however the judge will be doing a Judicial Review of the Iowa Utility Board’s (IUB) versus the plaintiffs on April 27th. The reason for this case is to protect the residents of rural Palo Alto County. If you look in Ivenergy’s Appendix C of their disputed sound study, you can see that out of the268 Palo Alto residents impacted that only 24 resident that live in the project area are participating. We rural residents in Iowa have not had our chance in front of the IUB, to protect our right to peace.

It comes down to the money people think they will get. Let’s talk about that. Wind turbines do not make a lot of revenue. They make tax credits. Without the tax credits no one would build wind turbines. According to the state tax abatement schedule the first year is 0%. The second year id 5%, building by 5% increments until it is capped forever at 30%.

The value of land is adversely affected. Expert property value appraisers, say that the property value homes decline in and near industrial wind installations. The value of land signed to easements may be decreased by the multi-million dollar loans that will be taken out on those easements to finance projects. Many of these easements are for the whole farm not just a small section where the turbine or cabling would be situated, this making it difficult to sell the land.

The other court case against the County Supervisors still stand and was not dismissed. Part of that case are the changes that were made to the Wind Ordinance, such as taking out the responsibility for repairing private tiles and changing the setback from occupied residents from 1/2 mile (2,640 feet) to 1500 feet. These are just two examples. The changes were made at the direction of MidAmerican Energy and Invenergy.

Studying the issue about Wind Electric Generating Plants has taught me so much that information overload would be an understatement. How did this get approved without any one studying the issue for over a lengthy period? The truth is not always told completely. What is the old saying; don’t believe everything you hear and only half of what you see!

(signed) Bertha Mathis

Emmetsburg, IA