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Really Senator King

By Staff | Apr 3, 2018

To the editor:

Every time I see another Steve King remark about the undesirable immigrants and illegals, I wish he would ponder the situation a few generations ago when the KuKluxKlan had strong chapters in many Iowa communities.

The Klan was strongly anti immigrant, but in Iowa Catholics were the primary target of its ire. Perhaps there was even some suggestion that King’s ancestors should leave the country on the first available transportation, as I see he lists Catholic as his religion.

I think he went way over the line in his remarks about that courageous young lady. I don’t think anyone believes all those young folks traveled to Washington on their baby sitting money. They had the support of an overwhelming majority of Americans.

I think it is our immigrants who provide us with the best examples of what is involved with being an American citizen. I wish we would quit knocking our Mexican American citizens. I read once that Mexican Americans comprise about 12 to 15 perecent of our great fighting force, the United States Marine Corps. In a book, The Seven Nations of America, it was noted that in the toughest barrios of Los Angeles, in many if the homes there was a picture of a United States Marine hanging on the wall.

I am perhaps more sensitive on this subject than most, as my father was an immigrant, and by today’s interpretation, he would be classed as an illegal. He rode a rusty freighter from Norway to Canada, and was seasick all the way. He worked his way across the continent, crossing the border to work in the Oregon and Washington logging camps. He saved his money, sending it to Norwegian banks, as he intended to return there. He stopped by to see his sister, who lived in Lost Island Township. He decided he liked it here and stayed, becoming a citizen in 1920. He was a very proud American, who thought it was a privelege to pay taxes to this great country.

In the interests of full disclosure, I will reveal that my son in law, John Paschen, is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the Fourth Congressional District, and hopes to oppose Steve King in November.


(signed) Alan Oppedal

Ruthven, IA