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You Never Quit Learning

By Staff | Mar 27, 2018

I can’t remember for sure who it was, but I’ve got a pretty good suspicion that it was a high school teacher of mine who said “life is a daily learning experience. The first day you don’t learn something, check your pulse.”

First off, I can assure you of two things: first, I still have a pulse, and second, boy, am I?learning….

“Learning what?

I can hear you asking that question, and you know, it’s kind of a challenge to explain, but I’ll give it my best shot.

In case you missed it, in this past Thursday’s issue of The Democrat, our editor, Anna Veltri, informed folks that when baby Veltri arrives in May, she will be departing the staff of The Reporter and The Democrat and won’t be returning. So, as the world spins, I will be assuming her duties here at the newspapers, in addition to my regular duties with sports, which I’ve covered since returning to Emmetsburg in 1991.

Now, in those 26 years, I’ve learned a lot about the newspaper business, to be sure, but I’m finding each day that there is some new tidbit to be learned and filed away that I will need to use daily.

Perhaps the biggest adjustment and learning curve has been layout of pages for the newspapers. Every Monday and Thursday, the advertising that is sold for our publications have to be sorted according to ad size, and then placed on pages to create the newspapers you receive on Tuesday and Thursday. This process also includes placing the prepared ads on the newspaper pages, which is all done on our Mac computers. It can be a little time consuming, as the more you go through the process, the quicker you get.

My first adventure took somewhere in the neighborhood of four hours from start to finish, and a lot of talking to myself.

This past Thursday, preparing the pages for this issue of The Reporter, I?faced the challenge of a larger ad, which I?hadn’t laid out before. With the mechanical requirements of our printing presses, color pages are limited at times, and one must know the correct pages for color in any given number of newspaper pages.

Yes, I missed that little factoid, and found on about it Friday morning, after getting a start on the page. Editor Anna made some corrections, but we found out later we were still off, so another set of corrections got things back on the good, so to speak. Of course, now the task remains to fill those pages with stories and photographs for you to read on Tuesday.

So page layouts are just one little learning experience, along with lots of other things that I’m trying hard to absorb and commit to memory before Anna leaves us. there so many things that I’ve taken for granted over the years that are now staring me in the face, but as the adage says, ‘you’re never too old to learn.’

I just hope I don’t run out of memory!