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Truth is Truth; Turbines Harm Health

By Staff | Mar 15, 2018

Thank you, countless community members, for your numerous inquiries about vibro-acoustic disease from Industrial Wind Turbines. Yes, you matter to me and it is irrefutably demonstrated that health is harmed.

Autopsy proven adverse health effects caused from Industrial Wind Turbines occurs. Truth is truth. Brain MRIs provide indisputable evidence. Truth is truth. In one study, a horse had thickening of vascular walls and even the family dog and Ants were affected. Truth is Truth.

Vibro-acoustic disease is now a proven entity, and over 90 worldwide professional and medical researchers that are not linked to any type of industry conflict agree to that and have signed onto that statement. Dr. Herb Coussons from Greenleaf Wisconsin clinically cares for patients with vibro-acoustic disease and relates the same progression of disease occurs everywhere in the world.

Yes, you will be harmed. Particularly alarming because the Pre-Construction Analysis provides evidence that residence phenomenon from acoustical trespassing will occur here in the Palo Alto Wind Project. Ignore no more.

Residence phenomenon occurs as the agent of disease penetrates through walls of homes. Inside the house increases and amplifies the harmful emissions. Vibration is one issue. Noise is another issue. Incessant airborne pressure waves and noise impacts the solid soft tissue and the electro-magnetic energy transfers to the heart, lungs, organs and all soft tissue.

What causes humans to be harmed? Placing turbines too close to you since turbines do not store energy, rather, they emit unbridled energy anytime the wind blows. Too many turbines, too tightly clustered, with too large of megawatts magnifies wave pollution ultimately, pushing infrasound miles away with greater intensity. Plus, placing them in close proximity to Five Island Lake will amplify and push emissions further intruding into homes.

For more information, go to wind-watch.org .

Lois Stillman,

Emmetsburg, IA