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Just Annoying

By Staff | Mar 1, 2018

With Saturday’s snow throwing a wrench in my plans, I?spent a little time catching up on the old internet and came across a listing of things that are perfectly legal, but are really annoying. See how many of them ring true with you, and perhaps even put a twist in your knickers!

Stopping all of a sudden to check your phone

And then on the sidewalk, someone has to do a quick shuffle to avoid tackling the phone-checker.

Taking 50 items into the express lane at the grocery store

If they allowed 50 itemsit wouldn’t be an express lane.

Not flushing public toilets

Nasty, just plain nasty.

Having unnecessarily bright headlights

Seriously though, why replace your regular beams with lasers? Isn’t that what the high beams are for?

Hanging out in chokepoints

This would include doorways, the tops of staircases, or anywhere else that inhibits the flow of pedestrian traffic.

Cutting in line

If you live in a developed English speaking country, consider yourself lucky. In most of the world queuing isuhoptional.

Elephant races

This is when one semi tries to overtake another semi on the highway, but it takes so long that they just end up sitting side by side causing a traffic jam.

Playing music loudly in a indoor/public environment

How else is everyone supposed to know how cool the music-playing-person is?

Not putting away the shopping cart

It takes like 30 seconds to not be self absorbed and put things back where they belong.

Not cleaning up in cafeterias/mcdonalds/etc

Just because they have people to clean up the mess doesn’t mean you should be inconsiderate. They pay police officers to arrest people, should we just go rob a bank while we’re at it?

Driving slowly in the left lane

In some countries this is illegal. Unfortunately though, not all.

Chewing with your mouth open

Cows chew with their mouths open. Humans are not cows.

Talking in a movie theater

Or using a phone in the movie theater.

Taking up two spots in the parking lot

And then getting mad when the car gets keyed?

Not cleaning up after the dog

Dogs don’t clean up after themselves

Yelling at minimum wage employees

They’re already getting paid a poverty wage. Rudeness is sure to inspire their helpfulness.

I was actually surprised at how many of these I’ve come across on an almost daily basis. With a recent trip to Des Moines for State Wrestling, I was a ringside participant in the Elephant Races, as well as the too bright headlights, as I’m sure many of you have come across as well.

While I?realize that there’s no such thing as a perfect world, it sure would be nice if a lot of these items could just simply disappear from everyday life as we all learn to try and treat each other the way we’d like to be treated in return.