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Neither Political Parties Can Lay Claim to Great Virtue

By Staff | Dec 5, 2017

To the editor:

I found the Laura Hollis column in your November 30 issue to be quite fascinating. The lady’s right leg must be shorter than her left, because she is definitely tilted toward starboard.

She does, however, make a good point. It is just that her target is wrong. It is the total political scene that is strangling the highest ideals and hopes of our nation. Her headline should have been “Politics as usual is dead,” with the subhead, “At least it should be.”

Neither of our political parties can lay claim to great virtue. Politicians who get into office spend most of their time raising funds for their own perpetual re-election. Of course, they seek the most bountiful source of those funds. They are more beholden to those revenue sources than they are to the people who put them into office.

What we need is greater participation by our citizenry. We need better emphasis in our schools so students have a better grasp of the true history of our country and what our founders laid out in the Declaration of Indepence as to the ideals for which our nation should strive. We need more candidates for office at every level who truly aspire to service, not personal gain.


Alan Oppedal

Ruthven, IA