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Good Discussion at School Board Meeting

By Staff | Nov 14, 2017

The Emmetsburg public school system has come a long way. I remember when the topic of school “sharing” could be heated. Remember when “school consolidation” swept across the state in the early 80s? We must be getting better at it. It made for a good discussion Tuesday evening when the School Board invited members of the public to participate in a public discussion about a current sharing agreement that links West Bend, Mallard, and Emmetsburg. A superintendent is shared. Citizen after citizen rose to speak about its successes. As a former education administrator, it was amazingand reassuring. Employee group after employee group spoke favorably and commended the Superintendent for the job she’s done communicating, leading, and managing the different facilities.

One person acknowledged the loss of funding due to State budget shortfalls and reduced numbers of students in these schools; but her point was positive about how well the faculty/staffs/administrators make it work for the students along with praise for the school board’s decision to create the shared position.

If rural Iowa sees further reduced enrollment and reduced school funding, the meeting would suggest the elected school board members in those districts will be up to the challenge.

It was a great meeting.


David E. Nixon, Ed.D.