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Don’t Let Them Walk Away

By Staff | Oct 24, 2017

It seems to me that all of the wind turbine energy complainers just need to look around them and realize that there are no problems in other areas that have them, and that they never had the controversies that we have here in Palo Alto county. I worked for almost 20 years in Pocahontas, and if you ever noticed, that county has scores of turbines, but not once did I ever heard of a complaint about them. If you think that they’re an eyesore, how do you think people felt 100 years ago when REC’s started running lines to the farms. Did they protest because they had hundreds of poles lining every road in the county? I doubt it, because they apparently were adults who weren’t dreaming up imagined problems that didn’t exist, like today’s more supposedly progressive people are doing. My suggestion is to step into the current century and join the world. It’s nice here. If they wanted to put one on my tiny lot where I?live, I’d let them. We have a company that is going to pad the pockets of every citizen of Palo Alto County. Whom do you think is going to pay for you little roads around the county if we do nothing? You think taxes are high now? Wait until there a fewer still of you living here? If some entity wants to hand this county millions of tax dollars and landowners much the same amount, we prove our ignorance. My son has 3 of them within a half mile of his house, and unless it’s a still day, you cannot hear them. The normal blowing of the everyday wind is louder, as is your air conditioner sitting just outside your house for God’s sake. A?recent letter to the editor in the Des Moines Register from someone in Jefferson, commented that our board of supervisors are sitting on their buts and doing nothing, for the sake of a few cry babies?(his words, not mine) I agree. We do not have any entity knocking down our doors to come here and pay the bucks, or bringing the jobs that these will. ONLY?20-25 jobs you say? Read my last sentence. If they don’t get approval soon, they’ll walk away from Palo Alto County to another, and hand them millions, and I’d bet my bottom dollar that they’d jump at the chance to have them. Right now, we are the laughing stock in the state because of a few people, and we should not like the way this has been handled.

Doug Reinders

Emmetsburg, IA