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We Don’t Own The Skyline

By Staff | Oct 5, 2017

So many comments have been made about views and what is seen; but we don’t own the skyline.

Growing up, I played in large groves, which was a wonderland. So many birds, mammals and insects lived there and no day was the same as before.

Looking out my window, there were at least one or two groves in a section and many of them had thickets of plum trees or mulberry bushes. Many farms had the wire corncribs and farmers put up silage in silos. Building sites doted the landscape and we didn’t think the skyline was any way impeded by this.

Today, the groves are gone as well as the thickets. Building sites are either falling down in disrepair or are gone completely. I can look out over the skyline and see very few groves if lucky there may be one within two sections. Farmers want a few more acres to grow crops or someone wants to build an animal confinement; which, I really don’t care to look at or smell on a daily basis but it’s called progress and that is here to stay.

We do not now nor have we ever owned the skyline and yet it seems that we are determined to possess it somehow. Iowa has beautiful sunsets and I have taken many pictures from my house looking west. I see wind turbines, and animal feed corporation, communications towers and falling down buildings but it is everything that gives the Iowa skyline its character and beauty. Believe me when I say the wind turbines blend into the skyline better that some of the things I see plus there is no smell.

The corn and beans that are grown here do not stay here. Yes, some go to the corn and bean plants within the area but the majority of our crops grown here are sent around the world. Even though most crops are sold and sent to other countries, the monetary benefits to the area remain in the area. Electricity made from wind turbines will also go to where it is needed within the country; however, the monetary benefits will remain here within our county.

My last comments are about the current Board of Supervisors. I have sat through every wind energy meeting held in the past one year ten months and five days. I have watched these six men struggle with the issue of wind turbines and trying to create an ordinance that most closely takes into consideration every argument for and against. They have been criticized and threatened with re-election, but they have listened to everyone that has an opinion with respect and concern. They really have done due diligence with this issue and created one of the strictest ordinances in the State.

This Wind Energy ordinance was created, not for the benefit of the developer or the owner, it was created with the welfare of Palo Alto County in mind, it’s residents and it’s landowner in mind. They are looking to the future and keeping up with the changing times. I am grateful that these six men are looking out for my interests and future generations.