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We support wind energy and encourage you to do the same

By Staff | Oct 3, 2017

Take a minute and imagine your life without electricity. It would be a lot different, wouldn’t it? Electricity provides us with many amenities that we wouldn’t give up air conditioning, heat, lights, refrigerators, microwaves, hair dryers, tvs, phones, computers, automatic garage door openers, vacuum cleaners, dish washers, etc.

We can get our electricity from coal, natural gas, and other fossil fuels, but the supply of these resources is limited, so, as a forward thinking society, we are forced to seek sources of energy that will not be depleted.

Wind energy is clean energy, it doesn’t pollute the air like power plants that rely on combustion of fossil fuels. The combustion process emits particulate matter, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide, causing human health problems such as asthma.

Wind energy can be produced right here in the United States. We don’t have to import it and we don’t have to build pipelines and tankers to move it from one location to another. We won’t ever to go to war and lose loved ones to secure our rights to it.

The local economic benefits from the Palo Alto Wind Energy Project are staggering. It will directly contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to the area over the course of its operational life, predominately in the form of property tax revenue to Palo Alto County and easement payments to the participating landowners. The money collected through taxes will help our schools, our fire departments, our roads, our parks, and more.

Our Palo Alto County Supervisors put a tremendous amount of time and effort into putting ordinances in place to protect their constituents. They have passed ordinances regarding wind turbine setbacks and decommissioning that are the strongest in the state and they are taking measures to deal with future road issues.

Polls consistently find the vast majority of American support wind energy, and I believe the same is true right here in Palo Alto County. Our county supervisors need to hear from those of us that support wind energy. Please take the time to call or email them so they know where the majority of their constituents stand on this issue. All it takes is a very simple message, “I support wind energy”.

Eric, Mary, Thomas, and Aliza Woodford

Emmetsburg, IA