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Iowa State Patrol Set For Increased Enforcement Over Memorial Day Weekend

By Staff | May 23, 2017

SPENCER Memorial Day weekend is typically recognized as the official start to the summer vacation season. Now that warmer temperatures have arrived to stay, motorists will be ready to make the most of this long holiday weekend.

The Iowa State Patrol wants to remind everyone that traffic safety should be a central part of your Memorial Day travel. As you make your plans, please remember the following

Click it or Ticket – The safest ride always begins with every occupant buckling up, regardless of seating position. National statistics now show that 80% of occupants ejected from their vehicle in a crash are killed. Seatbelts virtually eliminate the possibility of being ejected.

Watch Out for the Other Guy Driving defensively can prevent a crash, especially when the other guy makes the mistake. Expect other motorists to make mistakes and be prepared to take action when they do.

Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving – Plan for a designated driver if your celebration includes alcohol. Remember that alcohol impairment begins at just one drink, well below the legal .08 limit.

Speed Kills Speed continues to be a leading factor in Iowa’s fatality crashes. Excessive speed factored into over 50% of our 2016 traffic fatalities.

Don’t be a Distracted Driver Distracted driving is all too common on our roads. Iowa’s new distracted driving law debuts July 1 stay tuned for further information on this change. Along with a designated driver, appoint a ‘designated texter’ in your vehicle.

The Iowa State Patrol will be increasing enforcement efforts on Iowa’s roads this weekend as part of the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau’s S.T.E.P. initiative. Please drive accordingly.


Vincent Kurtz

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