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“Don’t Take The Lipstick”

By Staff | Mar 7, 2017

(Editor’s Note:?Due to its length, this letter will be printed in two issues to meet the guidelines of the newspaper.)

To the Editor:

It’s no secret. Iowa farmers produce the best tasting pork in the world. Pigs may not be the most beautiful animal in God’s creation, but we know there’s nothing like an Iowa chop fresh off the grill. We know pigs! We also know “you can only put so much lipstick on that pig.” It’s still a pig.

It’s no secret that another animal has shown up in our county. It has come to take our wind

our landour wildlifeour peaceful way of lifeand most importantly, our friendships with neighbors. That animal has a name “corporate wind farm.” Their owners are very clever. They know that across our nation; farmers, ranchers, and landowners, are demanding to know the truth about corporate wind farms. County supervisors are enforcing stringent setback covenants to protect farmers. Communities are rallying together to keep the wind farms out.

So, these corporations have brought their own lipsticka lease payment. And they are working

overtime to convince us that if we use their lipstick, we won’t notice the destruction they bring. Worried about losing your dirt? Wildlife? Peace and quiet? Night sky? Control over your farm? Good relations with neighbors? No problem. Just smear on some more lipstick. This lipstick is pretty temptingbeautiful color of “green.” Comes with a promise that we can always get moreuntil the wind stops blowing. Until the wind subsidy ends.

Some farmers can’t wait. They’ve taken the bait. They’ve decided this green lipstick will cover all the problems and broken promises of wind power. But their neighbors see through the rusesee through the “cover-up.” They know that “you can only put so much lipstick on that pig.” It’s still a pig. Especially this pigover 500 feet tall, noisy with spinning blades spanning 300 feet, that kill Iowa’s bald eagles, destroy our world-class pheasant hunting and greatly complicate farming operations.

These neighbors have pulled back the curtain of corporate wind farm propaganda. They’ve learned the “lipstick of a lease payment” can never adequately compensate for destroying our rich Iowa dirt, our pristine landscape, our hunter’s paradise, our spectacular night skies and sunsets. They know that electricity produced by turbines is unreliable, too expensive, and cannot be generated without massive government subsidies. They know lipstick can’t compensate farmers for migrating song birds slaughtered by turbine blades spinning at over 175 mph. They know turbines would forever change our landscape from rolling fields of cropland into an industrial sprawl filled with hundreds of red-blinking towers that look like a Texas oil refinery by day or Chicago Midway Airport at night.

(signed) Wayne R. Knutson, Jr.

San Antonio, TX