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Reader Writes About Bullying

By Staff | Nov 15, 2016

To the Editor:

Well, a few weeks into this new school year. I’m sure the teachers are identifying the new crop of bully’s (sons or daughters) entering the school system.

Mom, Dad, or Mom and Dad are sooooo happy with their sweet-heart. They get a 7-8 hour break at least Monday – Friday, allowing the school system to control the sweet-heart that the parent/parents cannot.

I know as a teacher, I would test in lead pencil with me having a BIG eraser, so my next grade teacher friend can try to control the sweet-heart. I do not wish to go thru that again.

Upon leaving the school sysyem, the bully enters the law enforcement and judicial system where they are protected rather than the victim.

Everyone needs to read the story of Ken Rex Elroy, 47, bully of the small community of Skidmore, Missouri (population 400). According to the paper article, on July 10, 1981 law enforcement authorities acknowledged they failed as well as the legal system failed. Law enforcement missed many opportunities to put him away according to retired Highway Trooper, Richard Stratton. McElroy’s attorney, Richard McFadin defended him in 3-4 felonies a year. “Best client I ever had”! Read how Justice was served.

(signed) Roger L. Hanish

Emmetsburg, IA