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Time Flies

By Staff | Nov 1, 2016

After summer mysteriously evaporated, September and October have come and gone. Poof! Halloween is past and today is the first of November.

October seemed to be an extremely short month. Yes, it still has 31 days, but those days flew by on a gust of north wind, Perhaps the month went quickly because our newspaper staff was preparing for our annual Progress edition. Ads were sold, built and proofed in tandem with stories and photos being created. It’s a whole team effort to put out a 40-page Progress edition and our twice weekly newspapers coming to you as well.

Congratulations and Thank You to all of the businesses who participated in Progress 2016.

The last Saturday in October, the beginning of Frisbee Golf was created at Harrison Park. That will be a great addition for the outdoor enthusiasts. The concrete pads have been poured, so look for more information on that project.

Also, last Saturday was “Take-Back Day” – an opportunity for people to dispose of used and outdated prescription medications. Sheriff Lynn Schultes sent some information:

On Oct. 22, the Palo Alto County Sheriff’s Office participated in its ninth Drug Take Back program since becoming involved for the first time in April 2012.

“In the nine programs, we collected 132 pounds of drugs that were then shipped to the Drug Enforcement Administration for proper disposal,” Schultes said.

This year, Sheriff Schultes set a goal of collecting more unused and expired prescription drugs than their all-time high of collecting 22 pounds. Well, they tied that number this year. Contributions came from Ayrshire, Cylinder and Emmetsburg.

“To collect 22 pounds of medications that will never make it into the wrong hands and will never be abused, is a great thing,” he said. “I was very happy at the conclusion of the event. Thanks to all who participated.”

This year, Dairy Queen played a role in Take Back Day. “We partnered with Dairy Queen. Everyone that helped keep the community safe by bringing in some medication received a certificate for a free Dairy Queen Treat of their choice,” Schultes said. He added that people were surprised, and pleased, to receive that treat.

Now comes November. Already on the calendar are a couple of productions on stage.

We have the high school musical this week. “Oklahoma” is a huge favorite. It’s a fun story and the music is great. Be sure to support our high school players by attending a performance.

Next is the Main Street Community Theatre performance of a melodrama. What a fun production that will be. Community theatre hasn’t put on a melodrama for years. Lots of good audience participation, so be sure to catch a performance.

Squeeze in the General Election and Veterans’ Day.

Then get ready for Thanksgiving and Breakfast With Santa. We are a co-sponsor of the event with Pizza Ranch so that makes it all the more fun. Family and friends are invited to gather at Pizza Ranch the Saturday after Thanksgiving to visit with Santa Claus.

Emmetsburg Chamber of Commerce and Emmetsburg retail Association have some fun activities planned for the holidays. The annual Lighted Parade is the first weekend in December. Then, the tree, wreath and basket auction is coming up, too.

We won’t see a quiet weekend from here to the new year, up buckle up and get ready for the holiday ride.