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Why Are We In Such A Rush?

By Staff | Sep 27, 2016

To the Editor:

At the second reading of the wind ordinance this morning, an excellent question was raised: “What is the hurry? Why are we in such a rush?” No one offered an answer, but I have one. We are being pushed to sign on the bottom line before we have time to really learn what we’re giving away. Fabulous dollar amounts are being thrown around, and we are constantly reassured that all problems will be solved, but, then, that’s their job-to sell us the Big Lie. And they are really good at it. They have glossed over the damage the construction will cause to our roads (and that they won’t pay for), and claimed that there are no significant negative health effects. In addition, this is clean energy that removes greenhouse emissions equal to X number of cars per year and replaces conventional power plants. The noise is so small that residents nearby won’t even notice it. Each turbine will only take .4 to .8 acres of land. NONE OF THESE CLAIMS IS TRUE! A little research will show that wind turbines are not the cure-all that is claimed by the front men for the companies.

So, what is the truth? They will come in and destroy our countryside and our roads. People living within half a mile will suffer serious health effects such as sleep deprivation, depression, and cardiovascular disease, just to name a few. This “clean” energy doesn’t replace conventional power facilities because it is not steady and predictable; therefore, no coal or nuclear power plants have been shut down. People who live nearby are constantly assaulted by sound, both audible and subaudible, WHICH NEVER GOES AWAY. And the turbines actually affect hundreds or even thousands of acres around them. Each one will take tens of thousands of pounds of rebar and 200+ cubic yards of concrete. You don’t get rid of that with a couple of sticks of dynamite!

Governments all over the world are abandoning wind energy. Even those who still use it are advocating greater separation from neighbors. The U.S. National Wind Coordinating Committee recommends a minimum of mile from any residence. We had a mile setback in our ordinance, but the energy company said that was a “deal breaker.” Too bad. Isn’t our supervisors’ job to protect our interests, not theirs? It is in my best interests to have peace and quiet, and lots of wildlife around me. But, I guess that doesn’t matter as much as their right to come in and destroy everything I value. Sad.

A word of warning: Once this ordinance is passed, we will have no power. The wind energy companies will do whatever they want. We won’t even be able to decide how many is too many. What is the rush? The rush is that we might stop to think and tell them to go away.


(signed) Cynthia Berkland

Cylinder, IA

NOTE: If you are at all concerned about the potentially disastrous effects of wind farms, please urge your supervisor to slow down. We don’t have to do this now. If wind energy is really such a godsend, it still will be in a month or two months or six. But next Tuesday is the last reading of the ordinance. After that it will be too late.