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The Debate Continues

By Staff | Sep 20, 2016

Over the past year recycling an renewable energy seems to have taken enter stage as the two most controversial subjects in our county. I will admit recycling is not something that I think about and I know I have quite a bit of improving to do in this area. I do, however; think a lot about conserving energy and I worry about future generations and what life will be like for them if we continue using the same resources we have been using for hundreds of years without giving a thought to the future.

When the subject of renewable energy, mainly wind farms, comes up as a topic of conversation, there are no two people that feel the same way. Yes, overall, a person is for or against, but it is much more complicated than a simple yes or no.

I have been to every wind energy meeting since last December, even a couple that were strictly for those landowners within a proposed project. It has been said that all the newspaper ever wrote about was the negative side of the issue, but guess what, if you want your voice to be heard, then come to a meeting. I can’t write what is not mentioned at a public meeting and believe me, the majority of people who came to the wind energy meetings and something to say, were and will always be against and negative when it comes to something that will disrupt what they consider to be the only way life should be.

It doesn’t matter if the wind farm will bring millions of dollars of revenue to the county, helping us with taxes or even if the economic boost we will get will bring younger people back to Iowa to live and work because we are now on a more level playing field with other states. Those people who are against wind farms will always be against wind farms in our area and I get that, but progress and change is coming and if Iowa wants to stay a leader in many areas, we need to be able to adapt. Life is all about change and adapting is a lot easier than resisting, but one thing about Iowans, we are stubborn when it comes to change.

The issue of renewable energy, wind energy, in Iowa is here, on our doorstep. Being a divided county does not help the situation. Pitting neighbor against neighbor doesn’t say much for small rural Iowa, which we are know for as being strong, close knit communities that will help anyone out if we can.

What message are we sending future generations? Are we saying it’s ok to burnout the fossil resources and don’t worry about what you will be doing tomorrow?

Maybe what we should really be saying is that change is good for all involved. Even though we have different ways of looking at something and different opinions, it’s all right to say how a person feels, but it’s not all right to try and force our opinions on someone else. Strong moral and ethical ideas can be developed no matter where you live it’s not the landscape that forms us it is family. So as the debate continues, let’s remember we are all involved.