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Creating Greater Good For Citizens

By Staff | Sep 20, 2016

Dear Editor:

Rarely do we get a chance to talk about how we’d spend lottery winnings when we are not certain that there is a good chance at actually winning. At least, the odds are improved with the Palo Alto County Supervisor’s decision to consider a Wind Energy Ordinance.

Iowa has been “under investing” in schools for decades due to loss of population. Funding is driven by numbers of kids in school. Emmetsburg dropped from 2A to 1A. The resources generated by the wind farms would support the next generation of our grandkids, their kids and their grandkids.

Of course I support the alternative energy because it’s good for the environment and Iowa Lakes trains technicians. The revenue would generate for Palo Alto County to pay for things we don’t have money for in today’s economy like Schools, roads, bridges, and other economical development that would grow our communities.

North Dakota can have the oil. We’ll take the wind. The wind is something we can count on year after year; just like we could count on the revenue it generates.

What’s next? The Supervisor meetings are open to the public, as they work find ways to make it work. There are rare occasions when elected officials like Linus Solberg, Craig Merrill, Ed Noonan, Ron Graettinger, and Keith Wirtz, play such a significant role in creating greater good for its citizens. It could be their legacy.


(signed) David E. Nixon

Emmetsburg, IA