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Make Recycling A Priority

By Staff | Sep 13, 2016

To the Editor and Palo Alto

County Residents:

In the past few weeks I have read Supervisor meeting minutes in this newspaper regarding the new regulations concerning recycling. Repeatedly the comments have been made that it will be difficult for people to switch from using plastic grocery sacks to other containers that are preferred.

I used to put our recyclables in plastic sacks and put them on our curb on recycle days. When?I first read of the new regulations I went to Wal-Mart and bought two laundry baskets for .96 cents each. I use those for plastics and aluminum. I went to a consignment shop and bought a small plastic tub for .50 cents. I use that for cardboard. I use an old laundry basket that I had at home for other paper.

It was not difficult to make the change and it only cost me $2.50. I admit that change can be hard but if regulations call for change then the effort needs to be made to comply. Let’s all work together to continue to make recycling in Palo Alto County a priority.


(signed) Kim Campbell

Emmetsburg, IA