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“We Are Expecting Great Things From You”

By Staff | Aug 18, 2016

Gentlemen and Ladies,

As Palo Alto County taxpayers since 1955, we are asking for your consideration in favor of zoning for the windmill project, and like revenue-projecting projects to come, for Palo Alto County. We know you submitted a recommended draft for the windmill variance policy to the Supervisors of Palo Alto County. We are asking you to review your submission and when it is returned to you, that you would adjust it so that it is acceptable to the companies that desire to begin these projects by the end of this year. As there is no policy in place at this time, you have a unique opportunity to establish much revenue for Palo Alto County, and as taxpayers we need for you to stand up for what is right for all residents and taxpayers in this county.

We know that we need additional county revenue for roads and bridges, for monies for salaries for well qualified people to run our county business. Our property tax increases throughout these last seven years have shown that there is a definite lack of county funds to provide that. By all black and white figures that we have read on the research for this project, this will be a great boost in county revenue. You have a wonderful opportunity to provide this for the county. We are expecting great things from you.

We are looking foward to re-electing planning and zoning board members who put the entire county first. We are grateful for your hard work and we thank you so very much for your consideration.

(signed) Keith and Barbara Walker

Ruthven, IA