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Taking Care Of Business

By Staff | Jun 16, 2016

Moving day comes down to a matter of what to keep and what to sell and what to throw away.

I took part in a move recently and decided it is time to take stock of my own possessions. There is way too much of everything.

Photos — When we cleaned my mother’s house, I ended up with boxes of slides and boxes of photos of people I did not recognize. These were together with photos of people I do recognize. One winter day, I started organizing photos.

For Christmas, I organized a small photo album for each of my nieces and nephew from their grandmother’s collection of photos. These ranged from baby photos to school photos to vacation photos and photos with their children. All loved seeing the progression of photos.

For my son, I organized a photo album of his adventures at Lake of the Woods – fishing, riding the three-wheeler through the woods, swimming on the islands. His son is a mirror image from that young age. We’ll see if they are that much alike as adults.

With the rest of the photos, an envelope for each immediate family member and an envelope for each of my parents’ siblings families sounded like the easiest way to start sorting. It’s amazing how my sister and my aunt looked so much alike at a certain young age. Just when I thought I had it figured out, I came up on the wrong end of the stick.

Thus far the envelopes of photos are still in a box. We are planning another cousin’s reunion next summer so these envelopes better fit in my suitcase. They are ready for a new home.

That leaves the boxes and boxes and boxes of slides. My dad was the photographer, with a Kodak Pony camera. There was no auto focus on that camera and no through-the-lens viewing either. Result:?there were a lot of photos with people’s heads chopped of at the eyebrows. Many of those slides are from Christmas and Easter with my sister and me (in matching dresses) and our younger bother. The mystery remains what to do with boxes of slides. Right now they are in storage.

Photos are just the tip of the cleaning out process. Add to this a lot of paper items, such as old school writing assignments, report cards (before they came electronically), and art projects.

It’s exhausting just to think about taking care of business to organize all the treasures accumulated over the years. Maybe let’s put that off … again.