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Appreciation For Community Support

By Staff | Apr 5, 2016

Letter to the editor:

Over two years ago we moved to Emmetsburg. Little did we know how much support we would get from this community.

First, we were given gift certificates from many businesses to welcome us to Emmetsburg. We enjoyed using them.

Then, this past July, Jerry was helped by guardian angels, the police department, the ambulance crew, and the medical staff, when he became ill. We were so grateful!

March 22, we were awakened by our carbon monoxide detector going off. We immediately left our home and went for help. The police officer noticed smoke coming out from our roof and soon flames appeared. He called 911 and the Emmetsburg Volunteer Firemen arrived and did a most professional job in saving our home and treasures. We are just so fortunate to have these very special firemen who are willing to give their time to help in the middle of the night and then go back to their regular lives.

We also have friends who are helping with the cleanup and giving us a place to stay. There was also a very special contractor who covered our roof before the snow.

Last, all of the professionals met the very same day of our fire to plan the restoring of our home.

We are so blessed and thankful!

(signed) Jerry and Arlet Johnson

Emmetsburg, IA