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By Staff | Mar 8, 2016

I dislike being sick.

No, that’s not accurate – I really don’t like being sick.

I make this statement because, despite my best efforts of washing my hands, etc, I got my Winter cold. I’m always good for one; I can’t remember a Winter season where I?didn’t suffer from the sinus pressure, runny nose, sore throat and coughing?(I sound like the TV?commercials, right?).

Usually, I come down with my cold some time in January, after the holiday season is past and the entire tournament season is before me. This year, however, the tournament season for me was over before I got the familiar tickle in my throat that is a signal of times ahead.

Now, a bit of history here.

I am still the proprietor of a set of original, one-owner tonsils, factory installed with all the options. They swell up, cause a sore throat, and often make me sound just like Lurch, the butler on the “Addams Family” from TV. – You remember Lurch, he was the tall guy who never said much, just made gutteral noises most of the time.

Anyhow, I never had my tonsils removed as a child. Maybe 20 or so years ago, I asked my Doctor about having them removed after being diagnosed with strep throat. “Sure, we could take them out, but honestly, it wouldn’t help,”?he said. Those sage words of wisdom, along with a $50 office visit and a prescription for an antibiotic, pretty much settled the issue.

Over the ensuing years, I’ve found some things that help lessen the effects of the yearly colds, and for the most part, they work fairly well. When I first feel the tingles from the old tonsils, one of the first moves is to do a little gargling, as I’ve been told that gargling with salt-water helps somehow. (Near as I?can tell, all it helps is sales of salt.)

When the cold starts to take hold, usually in my head (and not because it’s empty, either!) a trip to the pharmacy for some over-the-counter medications is in store, and after a couple of days, they will usually chase the cold from my head down into my chest, which then prompts a switch to a second over-the-counter medication for cough and cold.

This one has served me well of late, and while it doesn’t knock the cold out, it does seem to lessen the length of the sniffles and the barking-seal sounds I?manage to create.

Judicious use of cough drops, healthy consumption of orage juice and sleep have always helped in the past as well.

While I?also remember the old adage of Starve a cold and Feed a Fever, I’ve never really understood that line of thinking. Usually, the only thing that tastes really good with a cold is chicken noodle soup. It warms you up from the inside out, but then again, it does start to taste the same after about four days worth.

For me, when I’ve got a fever, the last thing I want to do is eat. That sleep thing is probably the best treatment all around, and in the past few days, I’ve done more than my fair share of snoozing, but I’ve turned the corner – or so I?think.

Now, if Mother Nature could decide what direction she want’s to go, I’m thinking a lot of folks would be feeling a lot better, and our coughing, wheezing and sneezing will soon be behind us….