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Supervisors Need To Take Action

By Staff | Jan 21, 2016

To the editor:

How many more hoops will Sheriff Lynn Schultes have to jump through before Supervisor Ed Noonan, and his puppets ok the hiring of at least one fulltime employee in the communication center? Had these elected supervisors been concerned about the safety of the county they would’ve taken care of this issue 6 months ago.

Obviously it doesn’t bother them that the communication center could possibly have a shift that isn’t covered because the sheriff has no one available. Maybe these four supervisors could cover those open shifts.

It is apparent Mr. Solberg, Mr. Wirtz and Mr. Merrill feel intimidated by Mr. Noonan because none of them seem to be able to put a motion on the table without Mr. Noonan’s approval first. And Mr. Noonan appears to have his own agenda to make the jobs of elected individuals frustrating.

I certainly hope that when these supervisors are up for reelection that those of us in the county remember their actions concerning these important issues and do not vote them back into office.

Thank you.

(signed) Laure Miller

Emmetsburg, IA