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Keeping An Eye On Candidate

By Staff | Jan 21, 2016

To the Editor:

Two generations before me and I have been and are registered “Democrats”. Because I consider myself logically inclined I actually vote as an “Independent”. I feel it is not logical thinking to believe that one party is always right the other party always wrong. I select which candidate I mostly agree with and vote for them.

Not having made up my mind which presidential candidate I would vote for I’m still observing.

One presidential candidate that I had given very little thought about came to my attention n the D.M. Reg. Jan. 19 edition.

Mr. Rand Paul.

What I liked about him most in the article was his ability to not only blame but to praise his constituents.

But then what really caught my eye was that he was actually laying blame and giving praise to both sides (Rep. & Dems.) of the aisle.

That my friends is what I call “character” which is a rare commodity these days.

Generally speaking I think good character is followed by good moral judgment and decisions.

I shall keep an eye on this man and his ideas even though he is not of my party. I can’t believe he is rated in the bottom 10% in the polls. It seems nobody is paying attention-or maybe he’s just not yelling loud enough.

(signed) Bill Crook

Cylinder, IA