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Support for Iowa Lakes Bond Referendum

By Staff | Jan 19, 2016

To the Editor:

As Executive Director of Kossuth/Palo Alto County Economic Development Corporation, I strongly encourage residents to vote in support of the upcoming bond referendum for Iowa Lakes Community College. As a partner in economic development, ILCC provides educational opportunities to students, adult continuing education classes, and training for our local business and industry.

Iowa Lakes Community College continues to be responsive to LOCAL needs. As the college celebrates its 50th birthday, the facilities are in need of some significant updating. College enrollments remain strong, but the facilities are in need of expansion and improvement. We feel this expansion will continue our efforts for encouraging economic development and enhancement in Kossuth and Palo Alto counties, along with our collaborative counties.

The College needs your support on February 2, at a special election to pass a $16 million bond referendum. If passed, the cost to a homeowner with an assessed value of $100,000 is only $11.70 annually. The tax will sunset/end after 15 years.

Projects at each campus have been shared at community meetings and are available for review at www.iowalakes.edu/bond.

Iowa Lakes is a vibrant economic development engine preparing students for jobs. In our communities over 80% of college graduates stay and work in our five counties!

Absentee ballots are available now through February 1 at the County Auditor’s Office if you are not able to vote on the day of the election. Otherwise, please mark February 2 on your calendar and vote YES in this special election. Every vote counts!

Thank you,

(signed) Maureen Elbert,

Executive Director

Kossuth/Palo Alto County Economic Development Corporation