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Fully Staff The Communication Center

By Staff | Jan 19, 2016

Letter to the Editor:

I have been following the proceedings of the Supervisors on the request from Sheriff Schultes to fund dispatchers in the Comm Center. Their relentless delays and denials are just mind boggling.

Who do they think answers the 911 calls?

Who sends out law enforcement to car accidents or any of the myriad of incidents or emergencies?

Who notifies the EMS crews of emergencies or illnesses that the people need an ambulance for?

Who sends out Fire Departments to fires, car accidents, rescues, etc.?

Who notifies Fire Departments if the ambulance personnel need help lifting?

Who dispatches ambulances with Fire Departments to scenes to stand by in case of emergencies?

Who notifies the State Troopers if their help is needed on the roadways or any of the other emergencies?

Who contacts DNR officers in case of incidents on the lake or any other type of emergencies?

Who contacts local farmers with tractors and tillage equipment to assist Fire Departments in cases of field fires?

Who contacts gas utility people to shut off gas at a house fire?

Who contacts power utility people when a pole gets broke off and wires are laying on the ground?

Who contacts tow truck operators that Law Enforcement needs them to retrieve a car out of the ditch?

Who dispatches an ambulance, then comforts and consoles an old man or woman whose mate is not waking up in the morning and is unresponsive?

Who notifies an ambulance to the scene where mom is lying at the bottom of the stairs and is found by a 5-year-old who has the wherewithall to call 911? That child needs comfort and to be consoled while he waits for help to arrive.

Dispatchers do that!!

Who helps someone initiate CPR to a heart attack victim as they wait for an ambulance?

Who helps someone initiate the Heimlich Maneuver to help a choking victim?

These guys are playing with the lives and property of every man, woman and child in this county. We have been very fortunate we have not had a mass casualty incident in the county. With the highways, truck traffic, rail traffic and industries in the county, the potential is there.

We need that place fully staffed with experienced knowledgeable people. They are the eyes and ears of every Emergency First Responder in the county. We need it done as soon as possible.

(signed) Wayne Anderson

Graettinger, IA

Firefighter for 39 years