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Are You Aware…?­

By Staff | Jan 12, 2016

Dear Editor,

Are you aware that if we went to a single payer health care system, we would save hundreds of billions of dollars a year??592 billion, my computer just told me!

Wouldn’t that make a nice big dent in our debt??And make us all feel rich because veterans and all would have health care!

Our allies mostly have this system, as I learned from the “Financial Times” of the U.K. several years ago.

So why aren’t all good conservatives for it?

Is it because the super rich CEOs finance their campaign?

Who are they representing? Not me!!

Happy New Year from

Shirley Baas Leverenz

Emmetsburg, IA

p.s. Australian wages are 15.00 for grown ups and 7.00 for teens.

And, Portugal decriminalized all drug 10+ years ago and are glad they did.