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Resolution Assistance

By Staff | Dec 29, 2015

With New Year’s Eve coming up Thursday night, people will once again make New Year’s Resolutions, and unfortunately, the vast majority of those resolutions will crash and burn soon after this Friday. Statistics show that only about eight percent of people who make resolutions manage to keep them and achieve what it is they set out to do.

Everyone has made a resolution and it goes bust, so we chalk it up to “wait till next year.”

I came across a list of possible resolutions and some products being offered that could assist in making those resolutions come true, so here are a few for your consideration.

A Workout Mat – An all-purpose workout mat that is extra thick provides comfort and gives cushion to your back, hips, knees and elbows for those workouts you resolve to do on a daily basis.

A?Cycle Trainer – Riding a bicycle has always been a great way to keep in shape. Stationary bikes are the standard alternative when outdoor riding is out of the question.

A?Bathroom Scale – To see if your resolution and exercise program is working, a reliable bathroom scale is a must. Models on the market today will even speak to you, giving you your weight so there’s no question on reading the weight.

Activity Trackers – Tracking devices that resemble a wristwatch, such as “Fitbits” are the new norm for those who keep track of their steps as a way to stay in shape. In conversation with a nurse just the other day, she noted she’d put in a couple of 12-mile days last week during her work shifts. The trackers measure your steps, the distance you cover in total, and total amount of calories you’ve burned.

A?Trampoline – If you want a fun way to exercise, consider a trampoline. Home models of trampolines aren’t just for the youngsters anymore. Today’s consumer trampolines can handle up to 375 pounds with no problems.

Table Tennis – Another fun way to exercise is to play table tennis, or ping-pong. Various models of tables are available and a great way to entertain the youngsters at family gatherings.

A Self-Counting Piggy Bank – Many folks resolve to save money each year. For a youngster, how about starting out with a piggy bank that counts the money as you add it, and keeps a running total? One model on the market can count every type of U.S. coins, including half-dollars and dollar coins.

A?Board Game – If you’ve resolved to spend more time with your family in the coming year, board games continue to be a great way to fulfill the goal. Such favorites as Monopoly have been created in variations for other sports, such as NASCAR, or even colleges, such as Iowa State’s Cycloneopoly game. Or, there are also countless card and participation games out there that can provide an evening of entertainment and family interaction.

Those are just a few possibilities of ways to give your resolutions a better chance for success. As always, that success depends on your fortitude and desire to succeed.

Personally, my resolution for the coming year is to be more centered on family, and treasuring the bonds of my family. It’s all too easy to overlook how important families are in our busy society, and this is a resolution that won’t fall by the wayside.