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Underrated? No, We’re Iowa

By Staff | Dec 17, 2015

The topic of this column is not about the lack of respect shown to the Iowa Hawkeyes through the football season, even though I?could write volumes about it. Instead, this piece was sent to me by a friend who misses the land between two rivers as Christmas approaches.

Iowa truly is the most underrated state in the country, and we don’t get nearly as much credit as we deserve. People like to poke fun at us, saying that Iowa has nothing to offer but flat land and cornfields, but those of us lucky enough to call this place home know that Iowa is so much more than that. Here are several reasons why Iowa is the most underrated state in the country:

1. Iowa produces more corn than any other state, even more than some countries. This is used in everything from your toothpaste to your gas.

2. And the most soybeans, which do some pretty great things like: feeding your bacon and hamburger, or making crayons and paints.

3. Iowa also produces more pork than any other state in the country. Which means you can thank Iowa for all the bacon.

4. Without Iowa, your energy bill would probably be higher too, as Iowa produces a major portion of the country’s wind energy.

5. Iowa is also the leading producer of renewable fuels such as ethanol and bio-diesel.

6. Not to mention we have the highest graduation rates and the highest literacy rates in the nation.

7. And if that’s not enough, Iowa City was named one of six UNESCO Cities of Literature, alongside Edinburgh and Dublin.

8. Iowa is also a great place to live. We have a low cost of living, and some of the cheapest housing in the nation.

9. Because of the Iowa Caucus, our state plays an extremely important role in national politics.

10. And Iowa is one of the safest states in the country, the sixth safest, to be exact.

11. Iowa is a great place to retire. According to MoneyRates.com, Iowa is the second best place to retire after Hawaii.

12. Plus, you get to enjoy all four seasons, each one more beautiful than the last.

13. And we have the best capitol city in the country. In 2014, Forbes named it the best city for young professionals, and it was also named the wealthiest capitol city.

14. We also invented the first electronic computer, and that in itself is a pretty big deal.

15. Plus, there is nowhere else in the world where you can see a sunrise or sunset that is so peaceful and beautiful.

Iowa is truly the most magical place, and there’s nowhere else like it.