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We’re Still There

By Staff | Nov 10, 2015

The years have gone by,

and we remember those who have died;

But what about the many who came back

and are trying to survive.

Life is different for these brave few,

trying to forget the time they once knew;

But it stays with us all wherever we go,

a place we try to forget,

and a time that only we know.

We watched the dying,

and we heard the noise;

Maybe that’s the reason it’s with us now,

for we were just boys.

Now they tell us that we’re still there;

Physically, we’re fine,

but mentally, we’re still aware;

Aware of a time that only we can fear,

because we were there,

and only we saw the tears.

I was one of those few that came back home,

happy and healthy and ready to roam;

But things had changed during the time I was gone;

The people didn’t like where I was,

and what I had done.

Well, I’ve been up, and I’ve been down,

and everyday I still hear the sounds,

the screams and tears and buddies falling,

Living with this, for me anyway, has been appalling.

Everyday I’m alive I thank God that I’m here,

and I’ll keep trying to survive,

and to forget that year.

So to everyone who was there,

during that time they forgot,

hold your heads up high,

for soldiers we were,

criminals we were not.

–written by a

Vietnam Veteran