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Getting The Facts Straight

By Staff | Oct 20, 2015

Letter to the editor.

Getting the facts straight.

I normally don’t respond to letters to the editor because they are someone’s opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not to their own facts. In last Tuesday’s Reporter a letter to the editor

contained several statements that simply are not true. I believe the person who wrote the letter was misinformed about several issues.

The letter writer stated that I was involved in a suit against the city. The fact is three citizens were plaintiffs in a legal action and I was not one of them. The city subsequently rescinded the loan agreement for $800,000 which settled the matter.

In the letter it was stated that the Shores was privately funded and very successful. The total cost of buying the lot and construction is about $3.2 million dollars. Of this amount $1.7 million were donations from private companies and private individuals. $1.5 million was public money such as casino money and grants. The Shores is currently operating in the red! We should all hope it breaks even because the city is committed to make up the shortfall with tax dollars.

Another statement: a recent undercover campaign, which the general public knew nothing about. This might be an opinion, but the fact is someone must have known about a write-in campaign based on the voter turn-out and over 1000 write-in votes cast. Normally a write in campaign is not successful if the majority of voters are satisfied with the status quo.

He almost upset the apple cart by asking a question at his first board meeting-Unless the subject is confidential or a personnel matter I prefer to discuss issues in the open as required by law. As a teacher I told my students that the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask.

He has a lot to learn- we all have a lot to learn. I’m sure the writer of the letter did not know my background in education even though I spelled it out on a campaign flyer. I attended many school board meetings during my nine years in education as a High School Biology and Chemistry teacher, High School Principal and Athletic Director with a Master’s Degree in Education and I’m still learning.

Everyone has a right to his or her own opinion but there is only one set of facts.

Submitted by;

(signed)Pete Hamilton