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Autumn, Sneaking In

By Staff | Oct 1, 2015

It’s creeping in slowly so you almost don’t notice it but Autumn is definitely on the approach. There’s a new feel to the air with the crisper mornings and cool nights. Not time for furnaces and extra blankets yet but we know it’s sure to arrive next.

For now we are free to enjoy this season with the variety of colors that are beginning to peek in. I see crops beginning to change here and there. Gardens are beginning to give up. It’s all part of the beginning of Autumn.

Most people now vote Autumn as their favorite season of the year. On with the pumpkin spices, ciders, football games and sweaters!

I enjoy the season as it seems the earth slows down a little and people get together a little more. It just seems a happy time as we welcome the season of holidays and family. The smell of smoke from chimneys and fire pits warms me inside. I long for warm drinks and long talks, good books and snuggling with my puppies.

But first, I must go apple-ing! The best part of this time of the year, for me anyway, is the harvest of apples! I love to pick them from the trees, always wanting the ones on the highest branches. Of course, one must do a sample tasting as you go to insure the perfect taste. There’s just something wonderful about a tree living it’s life span giving free fruit each year for the taking. I think it’s an immense gift that should not be ignored by allowing apples to whither or rot on the ground. So, we harvest!

Once we haul our harvest home it’s time for washing, peeling, cutting, mixing and then either cooking or freezing. Each year I make some homemade applesauce but the bulk of our apples are stored for future apple pies and apple crisps. It’s always a big job but a day so well spent, first harvesting and then in the kitchen. We feel great accomplishment once the apples are taken care of because then we know we’ve done our Autumn tasks and can await a Winter filled with apple desserts!