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School Election Doesn’t Set Well

By Staff | Sep 22, 2015

To the Editor:

The recent school board election has not set well with me. While I do agree with some of their motives, I do not agree with their methods. It appears that the group called Citizens for Responsible Government has orchestrated a coup in this election. In the articles I?have read, the CRG have talked about the need for transparency and openness in our governing bodies. Their election plan was done without transparency and openness. It was done so only those selected were aware what was happening. Since I (like many) were not included in the process, I am left to draw my own conclusions as to what their motives are.

I have a child in school and now have three new school board members, two of whom I?have never met and know nothing about. I can only hope they are well qualified and have our children’s best interests at heart. The quality of our schools is one of the reasons my family moved here eight years ago.

I agree that we need to spend our tax dollars wisely. If we need change, so be it. Give everyone the opportunity to approve or disapprove the people that are in charge of our children’s education.

(signed) Ben Hofstad